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Successful mobile games: Angry Birds

itunesThe world is on an increasing trajectory of seeing successful mobile games in every nook and corner and in everyone’s hands, not to mention even in the hands of younger kids that love video games that spike their interest. In this scenario, the evolution of angry birds games as an apt replacement for all those puzzle games that make your time is an interesting perspective that needs to be looked upon. Originally created by Rovio studios in December 2009, the game has come a long way in grappling the attention of people of all ages and classes alike.Being one of the most intense and mind challenging game that may even let you spend hours sitting with your best of attention and still unable to crack the strategy of successfully breaking the barriers and retrieve the stolen eggs, angry birds is one of the best games ever. In addition to the brute force and mental stamina involved playing this game, it also emphasizes on the reasoning and physic-based strategies in order to defeat the birds’ and foes and goes on with their revenge in each successive level. The promoters of this game have also gone an extra mile in making this game even more popular by making social median fan pages and ads that can grab user’s attention and media frenzy. So it is right to say that it is everywhere now. Acting like birds that are actually angry in sync with the game’s name, the players have to devise strategies to destroy the pigs’ fortified castles by using several powers in the form of either bombs or icy balls for example to destroy snow surfaces.Angry birds online is another variant of this mobile version available in the pc for anyone who does not have mobiles or ipads. `Whether playing it online or in your Smartphone, this game is a must if you want to pass your time in a great way and may also help you augment your decision skills in the best way possible.

Best mobile Apps for meditation

meditation-app-google-play-itunesI meditate every single day. I love it, it is “must do” thing in my every day. It’s like brushing my teeth. You don’t feel well if you don’t meditate. So I found that on Google Play and iTunes there are many apps for meditation sessions. One of them are paid, others free.

I found that for me best app is Insight Timer, that use on every meditation session. It’s very easy to use and understand. There is a timer, that will count your time during meditation and will alert you when meditation’s session is over. Also there are plenty other nice functions, such as stats – every sessions counts and then you see whole statistics. Also there are friends that you can add and follow their meditation sessions.

iTunes or Google Play stores offers lot of meditations applications but not all of them works good. Some of them has many bugs and errors so that can annoy you during meditation process. Insight timer works very well and meditation becomes an addiction with it. I personally recommend it for you! You can found it here: . iTunes also has a version of Insight Timer. Works great.

Also if you have a good friend, that like meditation, you can make a gift for him – Google Play or iTunes gift card that he/she could buy Insight Timer app for making meditation even better and more effective.

That was my first blog post about meditation apps to try. Next post will be about best mobile games in 2016. Personally i like strategy games like Clash Royal and other similar games that requires brain work. After that I will make a review about running apps, because I like to run, so i have already tried dozens of apps. So stay tuned and wait for my next blog posts!